It’s not only the high profile spaces, store and retail chains, and private gated communities that can afford the benefits of surveillance cameras anymore.  Adding video surveillance to alarm systems has benefits and conveniences that everyone can appreciate and you can be surprised that the cost isn’t as you expect it.  No matter how simple or complex a setup you need we offer video surveillance for your home and commercial space.

It could be overwhelming trying to decide which camera you need because there are many questions you need to ask yourself, but the most important is deciding you are installing a video surveillance system for safety reasons to prevent accidents and watch children or elderly or hazardous spaces at work; or for security reasons to deter intruders or catch criminals in action.  The choices are endless and the system could be complex, but we will assist you every step of the way to insure you understand and all your needs are being met:

  • Face recognition
  • Remote control panning
  • Live zoom-in
  • Infrared
  • Off-site viewing
  • High resolution picture quality
  • Lens capabilities

These are some of the features on cameras available to name a few, it all has to do with the results you are looking to achieve and the budget you have to work with.