Don’t stop at security, entry systems or video surveillance, invest a little more and we could recommend an affordable automation package that includes all types of safety and convenient features to integrate with your systems.  Take security up several notches from an ordinary alarm system. If your property detects an intrusion, all inside lights can turn on, a siren can sound through your inside speakers and outside to the street and your outside lights can flash to attract attention.

Climate Control

  • We install systems that allow you to control the temperature throughout one room or your entire home or business depending on your needs and lifestyle.  A climate control system will allow you to prevent damage by being notified for temperature swings or out of norm temperature fluctuations and make you save money automatically because you can set it to lower when you activate your alarm system, increase when you de-active your alarm, and drop automatically at set times.

Sound Systems

  • We aim to use the latest in technology for our surround sound systems and install them with accuracy and perfect quality. Have control over what speakers get sound with separate volume controls for each speaker and tune-in to your favourite radio station or put on a CD and have your favourite music piped through your entire home.
  • We can also install independent iPod docks in individual rooms so that everyone can listen to the music they like in the room they are in without disturbing the rest of the house giving more control to the user and furthermore it can accessorize with the room.
  • Outdoor units are also available for patios, backyards and entertaining areas, allowing you to set the perfect mood for barbeques, celebrations or when having friends over.

Lighting Control

  • Having your lights work with sensors, dimmers and scheduled timers to avoid accidents, set moods and increase safety.  It can also make an impact on the environment and your wallet because you are using only the power you need..
  • Installing a light sensor to light up the way for you when your hands are full or when you can’t get to the switch can prevent accidents in the dark
  • Scheduled timers can be implemented to selective rooms or to your inside and outside lights simulating a lived-in look to intruders for when you are away for longer periods of time.
  • Convenient automatic timed schedules can be programmed such as goodnight house or wakeup house

You can control all these systems remotely with your wireless device or through a protected password website

These types of systems can be exciting allowing for ultimate convenience throughout your home or office.  We provide personal assistance in choosing what best features you need for a hassle free living.  We do all the installing, programming and training and you get to sit back and enjoy the benefits every single day.