Alarm Security

Iron Link Systems will install your alarm security system and provide you with options for preventative measures to suit your safety and security needs.  By installing an alarm system it is less likely your property will be a target and a break-in is less likely to occur because it is proven that a property with a security system deters a burglar or invasion from happening.  We have the experience necessary to advise on the type of system to have and how to effectively install it to provide you with the security you desire and need.

We also provide sensors that can save your life or avoid damage such as the following emergencies; medical, fire, flood or a carbon monoxide leak.

In a standard alarm security system the following devices are included: control panel, keypad, motion detector or glass break sensor, door and window contacts and siren; all crucial for an operative and effective alarm system.  Signs and decals are also placed on windows and doors warning potential intruders that your property is protected with a security system. Many upgrades are available to increase your security as well as integrations with other systems such as cameras and entry systems that allow for a more secure home or commercial space.

Take security up several notches from an ordinary alarm system. If your property detects an intrusion, all inside lights can turn on, a siren can sound through your inside speakers and outside to the street and your outside lights can flash to attract attention.